Miguel Ángel Pozo Diaz
today we left the bedroom 15 minutes earlier to go to ALCALA DE HENARES.
In Alcala we visited the village.
We finished at two oclock in order to have lunch. Then we had free time and a snack.

José Antonio De Tena Ortiz

Today we visited Alcala De Henares whith my friends.
A.D.E has got many shops!
with don Quixote and Sancho Panza
I visited Cervantes' House.
I bought many items for my family
At night my class presented a singing and dancing performance.
It was my last night in El Encinar.

Almudena Cruz de los Reyes –
my favorite time of the day is the free time and the shopping in Alcalá.

Friday is the last night and we are going to cause trouble.Photos_Week_7.jpg